Having taken a backseat from the limelight for a couple of months, Firaxis is back with the second of XCOM 2’s expansion packs. XCOM 2: Alien Hunters packs in a new story-based based, extra armour and weapons, and a Hunter’s Lodge added to the Avenger’s Armory.

In addition there are three new Ruler alien units to be totally and utterly annihilated by. These include the Viper King, a Commander who’ll crop up randomly but will attempt to escape from the field once weakened, only to surface in another battle. He’ll be joined by the Archon King and Berserker Queen, forming the trio of Aliens which need to be hunted in this expansion.

Naturally stamping on the alien menace needs new hardware, and you're looking at a total of four new guns. The Bolt Caster has you doing your favourite Chewbacca impression, while Blademasters can get their lethal mitts on a new Hunter's Axe and the ShadowKeeper pistol can be the perfect fit for your Gunslinger. The latter has a Shadowfall ability which conceals the user after a successful hit. Lastly there's the new Frost Bomb grenade which can temporarily freeze targets. 

Alien Hunters is coming to XCOM 2 on May 12th. It’ll cost you £8/$10 on its own, or as part of the £16/$20 Reinforcement Pack.