The Operation Dust Line expansion for Rainbow Six Siege is landing on all platforms tomorrow, bringing with it a new level set in an fully destructible Middle-East building. There’s also two new operators in the shape of Valkyrie and Blackbeard, along with a bunch of gameplay improvements; weapon, attachment and headgear customisation options, and unicorns.

Sorry, did I say unicorns? Yes, everyone’s favourite uni-pronged mythical creature wends its way into R6 Siege via the new weapon customisation, allowing users to attach little keychain patches and models to their lead-spewing weapons of death. Quaint, and very un-Rainbow Six if I may so.

Loadouts can now be customised between rounds. Operators could whack on a scope for an open area or attach a silencer for a quiet approach. Ubisoft reckons this should open the door for additional tactical choices. Some Operators are also getting a few tweaks. IQ’s gadget is getting enhanced visual feedback, presumably to stop her being totally useless, and Montagne’s shield is now getting even larger with side protection added.

Operation Dust Line should be going live tomorrow, fingers crossed. It’s free to everyone but season pass holders will get access to the Operators a week earlier than everyone else, and won’t have to stump up the 25K Renown charge.