Ubisoft is sitting pretty at the moment. Far Cry Primal was a surprising success, commercially at least, and Tom Clancy’s The Division shifted several million copies. The French publisher isn’t intending on sitting around, twiddling its thumbs for the rest of the financial year 2017 though, with a total of five AAA releases coming between now and March 31st next year. That includes a brand new AAA IP which CEO Yves Guillemot has said will be revealed before E3, which takes place in just four weeks’ time.

The full lineup of AAA titles makes for some pleasant reading, comprising Watch Dogs 2, the sublimely titled South Park: The Fractured But Whole, For Honor, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands and this brand new IP.

Talk was pretty vague on what the unannounced game would be, aside from Ubisoft renewing its focus on online-centric experiences which can have significant post-launch lifespans, thanks to constant updates and expansions.

Elsewhere Guillemot said sales of The Division and Far Cry: Primal both “exceeded expectations”, with the former in particular being a huge financial success. Current figures put it at 9.5 million copies sold, making it the biggest new IP launch in Ubisoft’s history. Worryingly for gamers’ free time, Guillemot also said the average The Division player is on three hours every day. Gotta get them loot drops.

Say what you want about Ubisoft, its new IP reveals are always impressive. They're usually saved as a curtain closer for its E3 press conferences though, so it's odd they're choosing to get out there and reveal it before the big day.


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