Gamescom 2012 Wrap Up

Written by Luuk on Tue, Aug 21, 2012 5:17 PM

Even though temperatures were extremely high, Gamescom in Germany, Cologne, had 275,000 visitors this year, which was a similar number to last year.

As a display of progression it feels like this years event was even more organised. With over 600 companies holding their own stand and 5300 journalists from 54 countries. Perhaps Gamescom really is the EU E3...

With the passed Sony's and EA's press conferences and announcements from other developers and companies on Gamescom game trailers became available. Some of eagerly awaited games and some of new games announced. Check them out now!


[Gamescom 2012]Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Trailer:

Capcom officially announced one of their new games "Remember me". A new IP is being developed by the new french company Dontnod Entertainment, which is composite by formal employees of Criterion, Ubisoft en Electronic Arts. The game takes place in 2084 and can be named a Sci-Fi game.                                                                                    

[Gamescom 2012]Remember me Official Trailer: Me#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Borderlands 2 come and get me Trailer: 2#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Borderlands 2 Weapon Trailer: 2

[Gamescom 2012]SimCity World Trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Crysis 3 Trailer: 3#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Fifa 13 Trailer: 13#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]ZombiU Trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]God of War: Ascension Trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer: Tag Tournament 2&xbox360#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Army of Two The Devil's Cartel Trailer: of Two: The Devils Cartel

[Gamescom 2012]Assasin's Creed III Naval Combat Trailer: Creed 3#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Devil May Cry Vergil Trailer: May Cry 5#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Tearaway Anouncement trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Resident Evil 6 Jake Trailer: Evil 6#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]LEGO The Lord of the Rings Trailer: Lord Of The Rings#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Medal of Honor Fireteam Gameplay Multiplayer Trailer: of Honor: Warfighter#Medal of Honor Warfighter - GamesCom 2012 Multiplayer Trailer_5290

[Gamescom 2012]Lost Planet 3 Trailer: Planet 3#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Dark Souls: Prepare to die edition trailer: Souls#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Guardians of Middle-Earth Legolas and Witch King gameplay trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Dead Space 3 Trailer: Space 3#trailer

[Gamescom 2012] Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting Trailer: Space 3#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Gpotato Europe trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Need for Speed: Most Wanted Multiplayer trailer: For Speed: Most Wanted 2#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]WRC 3 Trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Navyfield 2 Trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]The Last of US Gameplay Trailer: Last of Us&ps3#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Battlefield 3: Premium Edition Trailer: 3 Premium#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Untill Dawn Anouncement Trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Ratchet & Clank Q-Force Trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Seven Psychopaths Reveal trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Trailer: Wars 1313#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Injustice: Gods Among Us Trailer: Gods Among Us&xbox360#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Impire gameplay trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Star Trek Trailer: Trek#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Farming Simulater 2013 Teaser: Simulator 2013#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Hitman Absolution Contracts Trailer: Absolution#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Neverwinter Game Trailer:

[Gamescom 2012]Planetside 2 Game Trailer: 2#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Command and Conquer: Generals 2 Trailer: and Conquer: Generals 2#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Routine Teaser:

[Gamescom 2012]District 187: Sin Streets Game Trailer: 187: Sin Streets#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Full Trailer: Global Offensive#trailer

[Gamescom 2012]Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault Game Trailer: and Clank: Full Frontal Assault&ps3#trailer

That should make Making sense of the flood of content released during Gamescom 2012.

Next year Gamescom will take place 21st - 25th August and as usual it will be held in Cologne, Germany. Game-Debate are going to be heading there.

Leave your comment on which trailer impressed you the most and which one let you down?

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06:29 Aug-22-2012

im dissapointed GTA V wasnt in Gamescom 2012 :(

admin approved badge
17:28 Aug-21-2012

Nice going, thanks for this ;)


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