It looks like players of DotA 2 will be able to experience the power of the Vulkan API very soon, possibly some time in the next week. Having last year been treated to an overhaul via the Source 2 engine, now Dota players will be able to enjoy all the benefits that Vulkan promises to offer.

In theory, this means faster performance due to a lighter workload on the CPU, meaning that the game will run better across all hardware. This will be Valve’s first game on the new API, meaning that Valve intends for this to become the standard across all future titles - much in the same way as the Source 2 engine will be utilised.

This news comes via reddit, where a Valve developer said “We’re going to release vulkan support soon, probably sometime next week.” Steamdb has also updated with a bunch of Vulkan references, so it’s clear that the rollout is already well underway.

What do you Dota 2 players think of this news? Let us know how you feel about the Vulkan API and how much difference it will really make.