You can upgrade your PC as much as you want, but eventually there comes a time where a total overhaul is necessary. I say eventually, but I’m sure some of you probably recycle components in perpetuity like some crazy PC gaming ouroboros. Anyway, when the time comes you’re faced with two choices - buy all the components individually and build your own, or take the easy route and grab a pre-built gaming PC.

Both come with clear and palpable benefits. Grabbing your own components provides you with the ultimate in choice and flexibility. Every single aspect of your PC build can be fine-tuned to suit your needs; whether that’s an absolute battlecruiser for quad-SLI or a svelte beauty to sit under the telly. There’s also the small matter of shopping smart. Keep your eyes out and grab the best deals and you could find yourself saving hundreds of pounds on any given build.

Pre-built PCs come with their own set of benefits of course. Chief among these is the hassle-free experience. Choose a few components if you want to, but other than that you just sit back and wait for it to turn up. For those a little worried about building your own you also get to be safe in the knowledge that everything has been tested and should just work, while most PC builders come with extensive warranty and guarantee plans to help smooth any hitches you might have further down the line.

There’s also the time saved to consider. While an experienced PC builder could put together a rig in a couple of hours, for many it’s a process which could an entire day, perhaps even longer. Is it really worth saving £50 when you’d have to 10 hours work to get it up and running anyway?

Over to you then, pre-builds vs build your own. Let us know which way you think is best to go and why!

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