Watch Dogs 2 is pretty much the worst kept secret since, well, forever, but at long last we’ve got just about as much of a confirmation as we’re going to get, without Ubisoft coming out and just announcing the damn thing. Prominent YouTuber The Rad Brad was sent a pair of iconic™ Ray Ban sunglasses adorned with the Watch Dogs 2 logo. But, you know, Watch Dogs 2 is still a secret.

Come on Ubi, you may as well just announce the damn thing now.

Details on Watch Dogs 2 are still few and far between, aside from a few dodgy rumours about it being set in San Francisco and offering “innovative gameplay”.

Watch Dogs 2 always seemed inevitable, no matter how poorly the original is viewed after the fact. It still smashed records and sold millions upon millions of copies, so it’ll be interesting to see whether Ubisoft can pull an Assassin’s Creed II and nail it in the sequel.