As most of you might know, Counter Strike: Global Offensive launches next week, August 21st, but it won't be launching alone. We've got some undead brain chompers joining us on the launch date.

Yes, we're talking about zombies. Which means there are going to be pretty cool game modes joining the CS:GO...

According to one of there official blogs, their fellers at has worked with them to get the Zombie mod for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive working and now it's ready to go alive.

Not just that, developers have teased us with "So this is just one of many mods that will be available to CS:GO in the coming months", So you might want to pay attention to that too.

Beta version is currently available for people who've pre-ordered the game, or you can gain access by pre-ordering the game. Beta version doesn't include the zombie mode yet, but we are assured that it will be available at launch.

So what are your thoughts of walking deads joining our classic counter strike? Let us know them through the comment section below.