Every now and then I feel like we are all making a difference here at GD. This is one of those times. The indie developers behind this card-battling strategy game The Battle for Sector 219 got in touch and asked if our lot would like some copies of their new sci-fi game for free, cus we love indie devs so much. Thats a great reputation for GD to have! We are getting known for supporting the upcoming generation of game developers. Awesome! So...FLASH GIVEAWAY TIME! we now have 10 copies of the full game. Naturally, to give everyone a chance, we’re handing out copies via our sweepstake, for nothing.

Sector 219 is the first ever game from indie developer Large Visible Machine, based on the tabletop game of the same name.

The Battle for Sector 219 is out today on Steam, and we'll be running the competition through until tomorrow, when we'll dish out the 10 keys to the winners. Most of you will now know how this works and that anyone can be in with a chance of winning. You just need to enter via any of the methods below. Every one you do counts as another entry, so the more ways you enter, the more chances you have of winning. There's only a maximum of one copy of the game per person though. 

To clarify, the more ways you enter below, the more chance you have of winning

And please do support Large Visible Machine in their scary first venture into the game development world. And if you dont win today then why not pick up the game anyway, if you think you would like it. Good luck guys, we wish you all the success and thank you for thinking of our gaming community.


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If you won please login and say hi to your fellow GD'ers and explain how the game plays so we can all get an idea about Sector 219. Remember we do giveaways often so pop back to get involved in the next free game giveaway.
Hugs Felix