Mojang has announced Minecraft sales have cruised past a mind boggling 100 million units. It means Minecraft is now comfortably the second best selling game of all time, although it still falls significantly short of the 495 million achieved by Tetris. I doubt Mojang and Microsoft are letting that get them down though. In fact, sales of Minecraft since Microsoft’s acquisition two years ago have now eclipsed total sales in the five years before the purchase. Gulp.

Despite coming up to seven years old, Minecraft is still selling an average of 53,000 copies every single day in 2016. Not bad for a game which began life as a one-man project.

At 106.86 million, the number of Minecraft players would make the 12th most populous country in the world.

It’s a staggering achievement and bizarrely it shows no signs of slowing. You’d think everyone who wanted Minecraft would have bought it by now, but apparently not.