The last few weeks has been immensely entertaining fare for those with even a passing interest in graphics card hardware. Not only did Nvidia finally announce its first Pascal graphics cards (and release one already), but AMD also got in on the action with its Polaris-based Radeon RX 480. For many the time to upgrade is now, but what are your options and what are you going for?

Nvidia got in there first of course with both the GeForce GTX 1080 and the GeForce GTX 1070. The former launched on May 27th and I know a lucky few of you have already got your mitts on some. Its performance smashes the reigning champion GTX Titan X, while the usage of 8GB GDDR5X memory proves a huge boon for high resolution gaming. At the moment this is just about the only graphics card which can conceivably be used for single-GPU 4K gaming in AAA titles. At $599 - $699 it makes for a great value purchase in comparison to the Titan X.

Then there’s the GTX 1070. Nvidia once again chose to bump up the price of like-for-like cards so the GTX 1070 will set you back $379 - $449, in comparison to $300 for the GTX 970. Fortunately this translates to an incredible leap in performance. The GTX 1070 isn’t far off double the speed of a GTX 970, coming in at around 70% of the full fat GTX 1080.

And of course team red also got in on the action. As expected AMD went in hard at the affordable mid-tier market, aggressively pricing its Radeon RX 480 at just $199. That makes it the most affordable VR-capable graphics card in existence. Its performance only just eclipses the GTX 970, but who can complain with a price tag like that? It’s so easy to get excited about what AMD could have ready for the enthusiast market when it’s absolutely nailing the mid-tier as the RX 480 promises to.

That’s the three we know about of course, but there’s sure to be more from both before the year is out. What are your plans? Are you going to grab one of these three in June, or are you waiting it out to see what AMD and Nvidia’s future graphics cards are? Let us know!

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