Typically a sign of a waning player base, or an imminent shift to F2P, Ubisoft has announced a new Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition which will be available until June 19th. The bargain bin version of the online squad-based shooter will retail for just $15. It’s the full game with all the maps, modes, weapons and operators; the only difference is how the operators are unlocked.

Each copy of the Starter Edition will come with two operators randomly chosen from a pool of the six easiest to learn - Ash, Fuze, Rook, Sledge, Mute and Smoke. The remaining operators are unlocked with Renown as per the base game, the difference being that each additional Operator is far more expensive to unlock in the Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition.

Normally Operators range from 500 to 2000 Renown, while the DLC Operators set you back a hefty 25,000. In the Starter Pack each of the base Operators will cost 12,500 Renown, or you can pay to unlock them using R6 Credits which can be bought in bundles. From my experience you can usually get about 1000 Renown an hour on average, so you’re looking at about 12 hours per unlock.

It’s a limited time offer available now on Steam, and should you like what you see Ubisoft is offering a $35 upgrade pack to progress to the full version.

Could this be the start of a shift to free-to-play for Rainbow Six Siege? Are you willing to give it a go for a knock-down price? Let us know below!