An intrepid Reddit user has been trawling through Rockstar’s website code and appears to have pieced together evidence of no less than two Red Dead Redemption titles in the work.

Gaudynights noticed Rockstar’s site was down briefly, often a sign of a web page being updated. Trawling through the games list, they spotted each and every Rockstar game had been given a numeric ID. For the most part the list runs alphabetically, from Agent (Where art thou?) at 16 all the way up to Wild Metal at 57.

There are two games however which don’t follow the usual numbering format. GTA 3 is listed as 24 and GTA IV is 25. For whatever reason GTA V is listed as 241, possibly as an extension of GTA III.

Then there’s Red Dead Redemption. It’s listed as 1, while its DLC expansion Undead Nightmare is listed as 111.

Gaudynights delved into the source code of the site using DevTools and found two errors. 404 responses (page not found) were listed for games 11 and 112. This indicates there are game pages associated with each of these codes, but they are not live yet. Following the previous numbering system it hints at Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as what could possible be another Red Dead game. Whether this pertains to a Red Dead 2 expansion or possibly even a Red Dead Redemption remaster isn’t clear.

It’s just a theory, and total speculation at that, but it’s yet another clue pointing towards the return of Red Dead Redemption. With any luck we’ll hear something at E3, although Rockstar is typically averse to the LA show, preferring to host its own event for huge game reveals. That said, publisher Take two has said we can expect a massive E3 this year, so there is yet hope. 

Source: Reddit