The Steam Controller has been out for a good long while now. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying Valve created one of the most radical mainstream controller designs in recent memory. If you’ve had an interest in then you’ve probably had time to pick one up; at least 500,000 of you according to Valve. But where do you stand of this weird mish-mash of console gamepad and PC gaming?

By comparison to its initial reveal you could possibly argue the final revision of the Steam Controller is a little conservative. That telltale left thumbstick which appeared is a taciturn nod towards what we all know - certain games just play great with a traditional gamepad layout. You can see through every revision how Valve found itself moving closer and closer to the norm, but there’s still enough there to make the Steam Controller a real oddity.

The main difference is of course the two trackpads. Utilising haptic feedback for responsiveness, users can trace movements with a mouse-like degree of efficiency. Perhaps not quite, but certainly faster and more accurately than a traditional controller.

This is backed up by dual-stage buttons, 100% remappable controls, and no less than six triggers on the back for use with complex control schemes.

Valve touted it as being a controller which is compatible with every game on Steam, and they’re not wrong. The Steam Controller is indeed usable in each and every game, albeit with varying degrees of success.

But does this cause the Steam Controller to be the jack of all trades, master of none? Are you at a disadvantage in both mouse and keyboard-centric games and those focus on gamepads? Is there game at all which is best played on a Steam Controller? Over to you GD’ers, what do you think of Valve’s admittedly bizarre Steam Controller? Let us know!

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