In perhaps the least surprising bit of gaming news we’re going to get all year, EA Sports has announced FIFA 17. The headline this time around is that “Football has Changed”, amplified by FIFA 17 switching to the (usually graphically stunning) Frostbite engine for the first time in the series’ history.

A full reveal is planned for EA’s pre-E3 press conference this Sunday, June 12th, but in the meantime we’ve also got the first details, a release date and, somewhat bizarrely considering we’ve seen no footage - pre-order details.

Yes, I can see what has changed between FIFA 95 and now, but the trailer doesn't actually divulged what's changing between FIFA 16 and FIFA 17, although we'll likely see plenty about it at E3. 

As per the last few years there’s going to be three different editions of FIFA 17, ranging from the bog standard, erm, Standard Edition (£54.99), up to the Deluxe (£69.99) and Super Deluxe (£79.99). Each comes with varying amounts of FIFA Ultimate Team packs, tokens and kits.

From the looks of things the four cover stars are going to be Anthony Martial, James Rodriguez, Marco Reus and Eden Hazard, although these have yet to be confirmed. The latter definitely sticks out in particular; he’s had a season to forget.

FIFA 17 will kick off on September 29th, when it’ll launch for PC, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.