I’m actually genuinely surprised anyone even approaches IGN with any sensitive information these days, but yet another accidental leak has happened, this time ahead of E3. The leak in question is for Watch Dogs 2, with a full site skin ad revealing a few choice details about Ubisoft’s recently announced hacking sequel.

As per the rumours we’ve heard lately, Watch Dogs 2 is indeed set in San Francisco, with a brand new phone-toting protagonist trying to bring anarchy to The Golden City. The advert doesn’t explicitly state San Francisco but the telltale bridge in the background is the giveaway we need to confirm those rumours. I'll admit to being pretty chuffed with that. Aside from Driver, San Francisco's steep streets are criminally underused in the pantheon of American cities. I mean, has nobody learnt from Bullitt? 

Along with the setting there’s also confirmation of a release date. Watch Dogs 2 will launch on November 15th, 2016. That’s in the US, but it’s likely we’ll see a simultaneous worldwide release for this. That makes it Ubisoft's big tentpole release for the holidays. It's likely Ghost Recon Wildlands and Watch Dogs 2 will steer well clear one another, so Wildlands is possibly headed for August / September, or potentially pushed into the new year. 

The Watch Dogs 2 trailer world premiere is happening at 18:00 CEST tomorrow. We’ll have the trailer up here on GD as soon as it’s live.