The E3 rumour mill is in full swing today, and a multitude of sources are reporting in-depth details of what to expect from Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference. If you’re a fan of sequels, well, you’re in luck. Among the list of rumoured games are The Evil Within 2, Prey 2, Wolfenstein 2, and a Skyrim remaster.

This is pretty much bang on with what we were expecting to be honest, although the Skyrim remaster is a bit of a curve ball. Presumably this is just for consoles, because I can’t really see the point of Bethesda re-releasing it on PC just five years later. Besides, it still looks gorgeous with the right mods applied. Anyway, it apparently has all the DLC, improved visuals and mod support. Certainly beats playing it on PlayStation 3 at least.

As for the rest, let’s take a look. MachineGames has been silent since the standalone Wolfenstein: The Old Blood expansion early last year. It’s been more than two years since The New Order, so it would make sense for them to be ready to show a new game around about now.

Prey 2 is probably the most interesting of the bunch. It looked hugely promising back at E3 in 2011, but it was unfortunately canned. Rumours have been circulating that the new Austin, Texas branch of Dishonored developer Arkane has been given the reins. Has it been rebuilt from the ground up? Is Arkane taking up where Human Head left off? We really don’t know yet.

Lastly there’s The Evil Within 2. Despite an ever-so-slightly tepid critical reception the original sold decently. Director Shinji Mikami is a horror specialist first and foremost, so Tango Gameworks are either working on an entirely new horror franchise or The Evil Within 2.

That’s it for the rumours, but you’d have to expect Bethesda will also be showing off Dishonored 2, DOOM DLC, more Fallout 4 DLC and The Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda's press conference is on Sunday, June 12 at 7PM PT / 10PM ET / Monday 13th 3AM BST.

Source: shinobi602 / NeoGAF / Eurogamer