Far be on from me to suggest Ubisoft has been undone by the same technology it espouses in Watch Dogs 2, but a Twitter user spied some Watch Dogs 2 ad code on Twitch and managed to pull and capture a brand new Watch Dogs 2 trailer before Ubisoft brought the whole thing crashing down. The Watch dogs 2 trailer is a bit grainy as it’s coming via Twitter while Ubisoft wields the banhammer on YouTube, but it shows off the San Francisco and Mirror’s Edge-style parkour rooftop running, all to the sounds of N.E.R.D.

UPDATE: Okay the Twitter vid has been pulled down so here's another working link for now.

It’s all gone a bit Mr Robot hasn’t it.There’s not much new info to be gleaned from this trailer in truth, aside from the cap-toting protagonist who owns the most magnificent cellphone in the land. This trailer does also reconfirm Watch Dogs 2’s November 15th release date, so that’s pretty much set in stone now, barring any potential delays although I’d guess that’s unlikely.

I may be wrong but the entire trailer appears to be a cinematic, there’s nothing in there that really looks in-game. Hopefully that’s not what we’re going to get later on today in the Watch Dogs 2 reveal, which is set to take place at 17:00 BST.