No less than six different versions of Watch Dogs 2, along with the slew of pre-order bonuses, have been announced. Learning nothing from the fiasco that was the original Watch Dogs, the bewildering list of options makes me want to slam my head against the desk. There’s plenty of publishers out there guilty of this, but I’d argue none more so than Ubisoft.

While marginally better than Watch Dogs nine editions worldwide, there are still a mind-boggling six different editions of Watch Dogs 2. The most painful bit? None of them come with the complete package, even the £114.99 Return of DedSec edition. Ubisoft, this pre-order, special edition bullshit has got to end. 

I long for the days when you could pick up a new AAA game and know you had everything. Instead, everything is broken up piecemeal and shared out, bit by bit. Buy the standard edition of the game and you’ll miss out on the deluxe customisation pack, season pass, “exclusive packaging”, and any physical goodies. There’s even a bonus Zodiac Killer mission exclusive to pre-orders.

The full list of editions then are the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Gold Edition, San Francisco Edition, Hacker Edition, Wrench Robot Collector's Pack and the Return of DedSec Edition. Among the goodies on offer are Marcus figurines, a replica of Marcus' iconic scarf and cap, an artbook, a map, lithographs, 'laptop stickers' and an urban prison outfit. There isn't a landfill big enough for this tat. I wonder how many people still have their Aiden Pearce figurines still sat proudly on the mantlepiece. 

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If Watch Dogs taught me anything, it’s that pre-order bonuses and 95% of season pass content are a load of old shit anyway. If it’s not good enough to put in the main game, it’s a fairly safe bet it’s not good at all. I certainly won’t be making the same mistake twice; if I get edition of Watch Dogs 2 it’s going to be the Standard Edition, maps, figurines, bonus missions and season pass be damned. Fool me once, Ubisoft.

Ubisoft aren't alone in this matter either, it's just a particularly egregious example. Total War: Warhammer is another, while the less said about the Evolve shambles, the better. Everyone's in on it, so presumably there's a section of the gaming community out there lapping it up. For the average gamer though, so there's just too much damn choice. 

As you can tell I'm frustrated, but what's your take on the matter? Are you going all-in on Watch Dogs 2, or does Ubisoft's complex add-ons turn you off? Let us know!

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