There were plenty of announcements at E3 this week but there was one glaring omission - Rockstar. Where was Trevor to torture us silly? Where was John Marston, or the kid from Bully? Nowhere to be seen, that’s where. Despite tons of rumours and heaps of pretty substantial evidence, there was no sign of either Grand Theft Auto VI or Red Dead Redemption 2 at E3 2016.

Cast your mind back to February of this year, and Take-Two Interactive, owner of Rockstar, said it would be at E3 in a big way. Now, 2K had Civilization VI, Mafia 3 and WWE 2K17 at the show, all previously announced. I would be hard to call that ‘at E3 in a big way’.

I have to admit to being a little bit disappointed Rockstar didn’t show their face. They’re basically the biggest game developer on the face of the planet these days, and can you imagine the hype surrounding a GTA VI or Red Dead reveal?

Fear not though, because all hope is not lost. Whether Rockstar was at E3 or not, it’s game would still be at the same stage of development. The only different is we’re going to find out about it a little later. In truth we shouldn’t be surprised though, Rockstar has usurped the entire industry and it’s likely a bigger name than even E3 itself. Should Rockstar want to announce its game, expect it be on its own terms, at its own event.

Fingers crossed it’s sooner rather than later though, because I for one cannot wait to see what comes out of that hallowed studio.