Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference was almost undeniably incredible for PC gamers. We’ve been crying out for support from Microsoft for PC, and out came Phil Spencer and co, confirming what we’d all hoped - each and every Xbox One exclusive, going forward, will also come out on PC. That’s probably 6-8 top quality games every year.

But, and there’s always a but, I must point back towards the word ‘almost’ above. You see, the caveat is that if you want Microsoft’s games, you’re going to have to play them Microsoft’s way. All Xbox Play Anywhere games will require you buying and playing the game through the Windows Store. That means no Halo 6 on Steam. No Forza Horizon 3 on Origin. No Sea of Thieves on Uplay. Every one of these games will necessitate you have Windows 10, and that you buy it through the Windows Store as a UWP app.

I myself don’t have a great deal of problems with this. The Windows Store has its fair share of issues, sure, but I’m confident Microsoft will address these going forward. For the market at large though, there is widespread discontent. You only have to look at our poll of favourite E3 press conferences to see this. Microsoft’s is the least popular, despite announcing more games for PC than any other press conference.

I understand that lot of PC gamers aren’t happy with the Windows Store and Microsoft’s treatment in general of PC as a gaming platform over the years. But what would it take to turn you around and get you buying games on the Windows Store? Is there anything that could be changed or fixed, or is Steam or else for you?

Share your thoughts below and let us know what you think of those juicy Microsoft exclusives and whether you’re planning to play them!