Three new screenshots of GTA V arrived, and they look promising!

Flying in a plane high above an illuminated inviting cityscape, drifting in a Cheetah and roaming on a bike...

The screenshots reveal it takes place in a West-coast US city. The Jet is a F18 Tomcat or the predecessor F18 Super Hornet from the US marines. Quite some mayhem could be caused with that. The car could look familiar, because we have already seen it in GTA: Vice City, GTA: III and also GTA: San Andreas. The car is based on the "Ferrari", and called Cheetah in GTA. As far as the bike goes, it's probably either a BMX or a so called "fixed gear bike".

The release date of GTA V is still yet to be announced. Predictions are aimed at may 2013. There is also not much released yet about the story, however we have seen a bank robbery in one of the trailers. And as shown here, it will involve a sports car, a jet and a bike!