There was a bit of a trend that started a few years back, pretty much initiated by Sony, whereby some old games would be tarted up a bit, have an HD logo slapped on them, and then slotted into a remastered collection at the same price as a brand new product. I say was, but there still is, although it’s becoming steadily more ridiculous these days, and it’s certainly spread far from the confines of Sony.

To be clear, I’m talking remasters, not remakes. These games are fundamentally not altered in any significant way, just made to look and sound nicer than they could at launch. We now get remasters for the most bizarre games. Dead Island: Definitive Edition anyone? Prototype HD? Dishonored? God of War 3? Who exactly is asking for these? Surely there must only be about three people on Earth who wanted a mildly touched up version of Dead Island: Riptide. I mean, it only came out three years ago.

Take a glance at the upcoming games release schedule and you’ll see it’s full of far more than its fair share of remasters. These are games we can go out and buy right now, but instead hundreds of talented developers are expending a huge amount of time and effort on making old games look a little bit better. Wouldn’t we prefer more new games? Onwards and upwards and all that.

The latest culprit is of course, deep breath, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition. It ran like a piping hot turd on consoles so I sort of get that, but the PC version less so. With mods you can get Skyrim looking far, far better than this remastered version could ever hope to be. Wouldn’t Bethesda’s time be best served focusing all of its development duties on The Elder Scrolls VI rather than a game we’ve all played to death already?

So who here enjoys remasters? Do you have pick up a game you already own just for the visual improvements? Would you prefer development resources be dedicated solely to new games? Let us know!

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