We covered this a while back, but such is the ever changing landscape of PC gaming that it’s become a hot topic once again. Take a quick glance at Steam and you’ll see we’re absolutely flooded with free-to-play game. Giving these games a go might be free of charge, but which of the current crop of F2P games are actually worth your precious time?

If you don’t want to spend a penny there are literally hundreds of games out there which can potentially be played for weeks, months or even years. Enduring classics like Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends remain, but there’s also a new crop of popular F2P titles like Warframe and Dirty Bomb.

Some more than others like to extract money from you through whatever means necessary. Others think nothing of giving you everything for free. So which of the current free-to-play crop is good enough to warrant your time? Are you eventually forced to shell out for microtransactions or is it totally free? Share your finds below!