According to a fresh leak,  will be launching earlier than the original plans as Nintendo wants to pair its release with the famous Tokyo Game Show.

Everything about the NX is currently a mystery but developers are enthusiastic that Nintendo will finally hit the spot this time with it's new console. The reports are going as far as to say it's hardware will rival that of the upcoming PS4 Neo but not as powerful as Microsoft's Project Scorpio.

This particular rumor also states that exclusives for the NX are under development by Square Enix and Capcom. It's possible we could be seeing the release of these games alongside the launch of the NX too. CD Projekt in particular has shown a lot of interest in it and their Communications Manager went as far as to say that it will be "spectacular".

In terms of the operating system of the NX, there are reports and denials of Android being the primary one and this was also the case of previous Nintendo consoles but none of the rumors have seen light till date.

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