In what appears to be a surprising move, Valve has forbidden Steam Users to gift Counter Strike: Global Offensive to their friends. They claim only those users who have paid for the game will stick to it and they intend to grow the user base organically.

It's not like CS: GO lacks the user base, the game has an annual tournament. As of today, there are more than 300K users in the game and it is currently second to the ever popular Dota 2. Valve's strategies seem highly unorthodox since gifting a game can tend to attract a solid user base as well.

CS: GO is currently retailing for just $8 on Steam, which makes a really attractive buy considering the amount of multiplayer goodness which the game contains. Valve's fears could also be to keep out hackers from the game, while some people also speculate that they are not revealing the full story behind this move.

What are your thoughts on this move? What possible repercussions could there be for gifting CS:GO? Let us know what you think!