Massive Total War: Warhammer Update Adds New Maps, Blood Knights And DX12 Support

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, Jun 30, 2016 2:00 PM
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There’s heaps going on in the world of Total War: Warhammer today, including the first major update and the initial deluge of DLC. The update is absolutely huge in every sense of the word, totally rebalancing units across all races based on player feedback, adding five new multiplayer maps, improving enemy AI and heralding the arrival of the new Blood Knights units for the Vampire Counts, which, and I may have gagged a bit when I read this, CA has dubbed “FreeLC”. Ahem.

Anyway, the Blood Knights are a tier 5 shock cavalry units and by all accounts they’re pretty badass. Originally The Knights of The Blood Dragon, these warriors were given The Blood Kiss by the vampire Walach of the Harkon family, makin them some of the most powerful cavalry in the game.

The full list of changes in this update is ridiculously huge, but suffice to say you can read up on all the nitty gritty details here.

The update is joined by a leak of Total War: Warhammer’s first DLC - Blood for the Blood God. Creative Assembly has pulled down the YouTube video which was uploaded unfortunately (we'll try to update), but suffice to say it’s pretty much the same deal as Total War: Attila. The Chaos troops can rip enemies limb from limb, and all in all it makes the battlefield a bit more of a bloodbath. I’m not really a huge fan of charging for stuff like this, it smacks of milking your fanbase for more cash, but apparently it’s necessary to slip the Total War games through the ratings systems.

Last but not least, the first iteration of DirectX 12 support is also in place. This is a beta version so give it a wide berth if you’re worried about encountering problems, but in theory it should reduce the stress on your processor in CPU intensive scenarios.

Total War: Warhammer’s first major update should be live and available to download right now. We’re still waiting on an official announcement from Creative Assembly on the Blood for the Blood God DLC.

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17:27 Jul-01-2016

Performance gains currently only for AMD cards. I gained approx 15-17 FPS(!)
But anyone with nvidia card will have dropped performance on DX12 in TW:W

23:24 Jun-30-2016

I already updated the game to this version and like what happened in the tomb raider dx 11 still has better performance....and one other it me or the game getting a bit silly this time in battle I always lose my unit are easily retreat even in the medium or easy difficulty its not like before! I didn't even use harder ai mod!

admin approved badge
18:42 Jun-30-2016

vid doesn't work but nice article ;)


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