Another day, another Left 4 Dead 3 rumour, although this one appears to have a little more substance than usual. The ever secretive Valve has ensured we’ve seen nothing of what’s going on behind the scenes for years, but employee Tristan Reidford might have let the cat out the bag.

He posted a tutorial about importing assets into Valve’s new Destinations platform, within which one of the screenshots showed a Left 4 Dead 3 folder tucked away on his system. You can clearly see it in the image below.

As ever with Valve they tend to love leaving breadcrumbs and teases like this around, so it might be real, it might not. It seems a little suspicious that Tristan wouldn’t be aware of it sat right there.

Of course it’s the first rumour of a Left 4 Dead 3 and it certainly won’t be the last, the question is now whether Valve will ever get around to releasing the damn thing.

Do you believe this mistake is legit? Is Left 4 Dead 3 the new game you’re hoping for from the maestros at Valve? Let us know!