Games, like a lot of hobbies, are very time consuming. We spend a lot of time playing them because we love being whisked away to new worlds, or challenging ourselves to learn something new. But I think for most of us there’s always one or two games that stand out above all else; games sat in our Steam or Origin libraries which have consumed us like no others.

Hit up the Steam store and you’ll find the usual suspects. A cursory glance at any Paradox game will reveal hundreds of people who’ve sacrificed partners / pets and/or children to dedicate thousands of hours to their addictive brand of grand strategy. Civilization V is a similar prospect.

Then there’s the online giants. The behemoths that we can come back to time and again with nary a hint of boredom. MOBAs are the kings here, with millions of players devoting upwards of 1000 hours to the likes of DOTA 2 or League of Legends.

For me right now my hands down most played game has to be Rainbow Six Siege. I’m on it every chance I get and I’ve clocked up over 200 hours in-game time since launch. Not bad considering the rest of the time I sit around waiting for its terrible matchmaking. Second to this would be Rocket League. Between PC, PS4, and playing on other people’s machines, I dread to think how many hours I’ve put into this, and I’m still terrible at flying. Neither shows any sign of boring me yet either, so they should keep me going for a good few hundred hours more.

Cast my mind mind further back and it's probably Battlefield 1942 or the original Halo that takes the crown. The original was when I'd just got broadband and it consumed my life, while I must have had hundreds of Xbox LAN parties with the latter, stretching into the wee hours. 

Over to you then, what are some of the games sat in your Steam library which has consumed the most of your time? Do you prefer playing gigantic, never-ending games, or do you prefer your gaming more bite-sized? Let us know!