Hearts of Iron IV's Red Ball Express Patch 1.1 Improves AI And Makes 100s Of Changes

Written by Neil Soutter on Sun, Jul 3, 2016 10:00 AM
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It might not have made the big splash Stellaris did, but Hearts of Iron IV is by all accounts an absolute monster of a strategy game. The sort of game which has you puffing far cigars until the wee hours, rewriting history with your maniacal plans. Now it’s in gamers’ hands, Paradox has been busy working on the first major patch - tweaking the AI, fixing several memory leaks, and generally making this arch-strategy game all the better.

Hearts of Iron IV 1.1 Red Ball Express Patch Highlights

  • Command Group Postures: It is now possible to set a command group to execute orders in different manners: carefully, balanced, and rush.
  • Added achievements indicator in game setup telling you if you can get achievements or not
  • Now possible to start from scratch with an empty division template by selecting New in the designer drop down
  • New Template Design: An empty template for new division designs is now available in the edit division drop-down tab.
  • AI Production Priorities: Computer controlled opponents will have a greater emphasis on infantry and fighter production.
  • Making Friends: Computer controlled opponents will be more likely to grant military access to countries fighting a common enemy.
  • Boys From Brazil: Germany less likely to spam South America with justifications for war
  • Bug Fixes: Tweaks to warscore calculation, the peace process and King George V only dies once, now.

If you fancy casting your eye over the full patch notes then be sure to head over to the Paradox Plaza forums. In true Paradox fashion they’re as long and in-depth as you could hope for.

Should you have yet to give this game a whirl, check out Stu’s effusive review before you do. Hint: He really, really liked it.

Who’s enjoying their time with Hearts of Iron IV? Has it made the necessary improvements over HoI 3? Let us know!

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admin approved badge
08:44 Jul-04-2016

The patch made some good changes but something still needs to be done about AI prioritization of theatres (Ethiopia for some reason invaluable to Germany while Yugoslavia take Berlin) and also the number of divisions each nation create, yes historically Germany and Soviet Union had 400+ divisions but Republican Spain with 130 and Columbia with 70? Both of these issues need to be sorted by Paradox but in the meantime HoI 4 is a great game that just has some teething problems

13:14 Jul-03-2016

I want to manually trade away rescources.

admin approved badge
11:09 Jul-03-2016

much needed patch I would say. The game is great, but when I get big and a world war starts the game becomes uber slow and I just do NOT have the patience to wait 30 secs per in-game 1 hour on full speed...


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