All good things come to an end, and it was the turn of the Steam Summer Sale earlier this week. For 12 glorious days there’s been thousands and thousands of games discounted. The stats show sales were up nearly 50% year on year, with more than $236 million spent on games.

Steam’s not alone in having crazy sales either of course. Since Steam kicked off twelve years ago practically hundreds have digital stores have popped up trying to sell you their wares. The likes of Green Man Gaming, Origin, FunStock and even G2A and CDKeys have some massive summer sales.

Now onto the important bit, what exactly did you buy? Was the Steam Summer Sale a big spender for you, or was there not much that took your fancy?

And if Steam’s no longer good enough value for you, where else do you look for your gaming bargains? Let us know!

I had a bit of a quiet one this year I have to admit. The Witcher 3 is still swallowing up enough of my time that there's barely any room for anything else. Don't worry though Steam, I'm coming for you when the Winter Sale hits.