I wasn’t quite aware of just how much more awesome Grand Theft Auto 5 could get, but I’ve just watched the Cunning Stunts trailer for GTA Online and, well, I NEED THIS NOW. One of the most radical expansions yet for Rockstar’s evergreen online world, Cunning Stunts is GTA by way of Trackmania.

We’re talking massive twisting loops, tracks that stretch across the sky, and some of, if the the most extreme driving seen in a Grand Theft Auto game.

I’m not entirely sure but from the looks of things the tracks are all pre-made in-house at Rockstar, with different types designed to match the attributes of specific vehicles. So Super cars can attempt gravity defying while trucks might be more suited to gigantic launch ramps.

Suffice to say, Cunning Stunts has gone me excited to turn on GTA 5 for the first time in months. It’s coming as a free update to all versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 on July 12th.