It’s easy to get a bit out of the loop with what’s happening in the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod scene, but one upcoming mod has really caught our eye. Known as GTA 5 Redux, the mod has just been shown off for the first time in an extensive gameplay trailer. This isn't your bog standard Reshade job either, it’s essentially a total graphical overhaul of nearly all of Grand Theft Auto V’s visuals, revamping everything from weather systems to textures, volumetric lighting and post process effects.

Suffice to say it’s looking pretty gorgeous, going a long way to making GTA 5’s first-person mode a little more palatable. The features list is pretty massive, even going to s far as to take into account light pollution levels, pollen particles, road damage, and water splash effects. Read the full feature list here

The creator has said a release date for the mod will be revealed when his YouTube channel hits 5000 subscribers. He’s already cruised past that, so expect to see a release date in the next day or two.

For those who like their GTA a little more vanilla, Rockstar officially announced the release date for its Cunning Stunts expansion yesterday. This DLC adds looping race tracks in the sky with a bit of a Trackmania twist.