Grand Theft Auto 5's maker, Rockstar, has just released a few more tantalising pictures of the highly anticipated game.

Much was, unfortunately, excluded from GTA IV; compared to it's blockbuster predecessor GTA: San Andreas but, so far GTA V sneak peaks is suggesting that Rockstar isn't willing to repeat the same mistake twice...

The sleeping bohemoth

As I always say, Art leaks are a veritable feast of information.


Anyway, just as our previous report, what do these pictures enlighten you off, this time? Yep! Flying, bicycling, and cool.. looking.. cars are back. Just in case you had any tinie-tiny doubts that any of this was going to be excluded (despite the trailer previously showing them), these pictures will put them doubts to rest.

You can check out the images here: GTA 5 Screenshots.

Bicycling was a lot of fun and made sense in the San Andreas setting. It would've been fun to cycle the streets of Liberty City too, but oh well.

That jet looks mean, and just like the aforementioned transporter, this too was left out of GTA IV. Common on, the map was huge and could easily accommodate a 'real' flying machine because hey, those few heli-misions could only satisfy you so much. This will, for some fans, tantalize into buying the game. It is that much fun!

And tell me that Cheetah isn't a sweet! looking machine. When did GTA cars start looking so good....? Right now. Rockstar is hard at work, into providing us a game that won't just play good; but also look dead good.

Don't forget those new water toys; first time in the franchise - Jet skis. Are you hiding anything else, Rockstar?

Again, Rockstar is willing to show just this. All hopes for a Gamescom conference have also been squashed so expecting the game......err..the announcement of the game, well, your guess is as good as mine.

But it's become customary that we'll just have to play the waiting game until Rockstar feel secure enough in their product (not a bad thing at all).

So, those pictures look sweet to you, right? Let us know down in the comments box below.