There’s no doubting Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm over the past fortnight. Hundreds of millions of eager trainers have given the free game a download, and all sorts of crazy stories have sprung up surrounding its success. But the big question for Nintendo, Niantic and The Pokemon Company is - how long can this last?

All three partners will be desperate to ride this gravy train as long as possible, squeezing every last penny out of fans desperate to snag a rare Zapdos or Mew. What’s obvious right now though is that Pokemon Go is a global phenomenon remarkably light on content. There are only actually a few things you can really do - walk around looking for Pokemon and Poke Stops, walk around hatching eggs, or get stuck into some rudimentary battling at gyms.

Pokemon Go may be tugging at the nostalgia strings of millennials, and doing it very well, but that’s about it. The majority of people over the age of 30 who didn’t grow up with Pokemon probably wonder what the heck is going on. Once that initial giddy nostalgia rush passes for most of us, what’s left?

The paucity of content certainly raises a few questions over Pokemon Go’s longevity. When you think Pokemon you think of turn-based Pokemon battles, whereas what we have here is a shell of that system. A proper battling system is needed where players can take each other on while out and about. A trading system is also a must, giving players in more remote locations a chance to complete their collections.

Of course Niantic is probably beavering away on this as we speak, and it’s also got six more generations of Pokemon to fall back on. Catching 150 Pokemon is a big enough task as is, but there’s 600 more and counting still to be added to the base game. Is this enough to hook players in for the long term?

Over to you then. Are you still playing Pokemon Go? Do you think it has a long tail? How long until this craze fades away? Let us know what you think!

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