Rockstar again released some screenshots for GTA V. This time no crowded city or expensive vehicles.

These screenshots show beautifull enviroments of mountains, a river and a bridge. Suprise, the parachute is back, and there seem to be excellent places to use it.

Another screenshot reveals a mansion, with a tennis court. Most GTA's contained a mansion, so this is not a big suprise. It does however seem you can play tennis, which is a new addition. Will you be able to play multiple sports in GTA V?

And last but probably also least: 2 guys riding on a motorbike. It just confirms the rocky area of the first screenshot, and the fact that motorbikes return, which shouldn't be much of a suprise seeing bicycles return aswell. 

This GTA seems to be following the road of San Andreas, which was a huge world which had a city area aswell as a more agricultural area. Also the vehicles (such as a jet) point at a San Andreas style GTA. But in the end, we shall have to see how it enfolds.