For players of a sci-fi leaning the wait until No Man’s Sky finally arrives has been a painful one. Numerous delays coupled with wondering whether it was ever even going to come to PC has been enough to cause even the sanest minds to construct rickety spaceships in their back gardens in the hopes of one day blasting off. The best way to wait though has been to tuck into the already glorious space sims out there, with three reigning supreme over all - Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and EVE Online.

Elite Dangerous is the re-imagining of a genuine classic. The team at Frontier have been hellbent on delivering content update after content update with this space-faring trading sim. The huge universe can theoretically occupy you for hundreds of hours, and it’s only gotten bigger with the arrivals of Arena and Horizons.

Then there’s the small matter of Star Citizen. The highest grossing crowdfunded game of all time, Star Citizen is a behemoth of a title. From small beginnings it’s legitimately become a AAA giant. The only problem left now is for Cloud Imperium Games to bring its many parts together into a cohesive whole. Star Citizen has stuck in pre-release for years now, but for those looking after the most incredibly in-depth space simulator, there really is no other quite like it.

Which brings me on to the mighty EVE Online. Often disparagingly referred to as spreadsheet simulator, EVE Online has been an MMO juggernaut for over 13 years. This seemingly unassuming persistent online world has played host to some of the grandest battles ever seen in videogames. Thousands of real life dollars have been lost in an instant in huge wars between rival factions, with tales of some going as far as trekking to enemy leader’s houses and cutting their power supplies at crucial moments. EVE Online is for the one-game players amongst us, those who commit thousands of hours to playing a single game.

So which of these gaming supernovas is your favourite? Do you prefer EVE Online’s hands off approach? Elite Dangerous’ sci-fi trading and action? Or the sheer ambition of what’s being attempted with Star Citizen? Let us know!

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