If you were ever wandering the war-torn fields of Velen and thought ‘this isn’t making me feel motion sick enough, then help is at hand. A modder by the name of SkacikPL has been busy creating a proper first-person overhaul for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, allowing players to see through the eyes of Geralt himself.

The First Person Mode is a work in progress right now, but it does a good impression of playing an Elder Scrolls game that isn’t eye-bleedingly ugly. There’s a strange fishbowl effect to the whole thing which needs ironing out though, presumably made even more horrendous when using Geralt’s witcher senses.

SkacikPL has published a number of gameplay vids, and the one below definitely shows the scarier side of The Witcher 3, made possible with the first-person mod.

You can download the Witcher 3 first person mod right away from over here, but be warned there is no combat support yet in this version. Get into a scrap or hop on your horse and instead the camera pulls back to your standard third-person.

Anyone tempted to try The Witcher 3 from a different perspective?