Ubisoft has taken the wraps off Operation Skull Rain, the third free expansion coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Due to drop on August 2nd, Operation Skull Rain includes two new operators, a new map set in a Brazilian favela, and a new ultra hardcore Tactical Realism game mode.

Both of the new operators are from Brazil’s Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (BOPE). On the defensive team we’ve got Caveira. She’s got a Silent Step skill which allows her to move fast and undetected. Once she gets near an enemy player she can incapacitate them and interrogate them to find out the location of every one of their teammates. She’s armed with either an M12 or SPAS-15 in her primary slots, PRB92 as secondary, and the choice of Nitro C4 or Barbed Wired for her gadgets. It sounds as if Caveira’s main use will be as a roamer, preying on lone enemies. Pair her up with a Pulse and they could make a lethal duo, at the expense of limited players in the defending room.

Capitão meanwhile is an attacker. He’s equipped with a tactical crossbow loaded with special bolts which burn oxygen. This is effectively an area of attack skill, which could prove useful in clearing stubborn campers. He’s also got special mini smoke grenades. In terms of firepower Capitão has the choice between an M-249 or PARA-308. Just like Caveira he’s got a PRB92 pistol, but he’s also got the choice between frag and stun grenades.

We’ll get to mess around with these new operators on a new map set in a Brazilian favela, which Ubisoft claims is the most destructible yet, featuring “exterior shell destruction”. I can only presume that means the external walls of individual houses can be blown away, rather than just specific interiors.

It’s all joined by the new Tactical Realism game mode. This turns off player marking and kill confirms, while realistic reloading means you’ll lose the ammo in your magazine. One for the more hardware players methinks.

The new map and operators for R6: Siege are dropping on August 2nd. As per usual they’ll be available a week later if you don’t have a season pass, costing 25,000 Renown.