There’s no doubt about it, PCs are easier to use than ever before. But we didn’t always have it this good, and even in this day and age there’s bound to be something to occasionally trip us up. We’ve all had it. The graphics card which just won’t be detected. The fans that won’t spin. The game which just won’t boot. It’s part and parcel of being a PC gamer, and I think most of us probably enjoy the secret satisfaction of solving these problems.

Occasionally a problem comes along which reduces you to a dribbling wreck though. The sort that leaves you frantically turning your PC on and off; reinserting wires, or hurriedly looking through registry files for something, anything, that can get your PC up and running again.

For me, the most trouble I had was setting up a pair of drives in a mirrored RAID configuration. This was about 14-15 years ago and I was coming at it with next to no knowledge and a painfully slow dial-up connection. YouTube didn't exist. Suffice to say it was a long afternoon of soul searching, but I made it in the end. Six months later my PSU blew out and my hard drives caught on fire though, so my joy was a bit short-lived.

Over to you now then. What’s the biggest problem you’ve ever faced when trying to fix your PC? And what do you think is the largest issue we could still face today, despite the massive simplification of PCs?