Ever since the days of pumping coins into arcade machines, boss fights have been the ultimate challenge in gaming. Defeating these opponents was seen as the ultimate achievement, a trophy to brag of in front of friends. They’re some of the most memorable moments in gaming. The fitting finale to some glorious games.

Some, more than others, have become truly iconic. The likes of Bowser, Revolver Ocelot, and Ganondorf have arguably become as notorious as the heroes which defeated them. There’s also more recent examples of course, including the likes of the Souls series. Ornstein & Smough stand out, as do Bloodborne’s legions of horrific beasts.

What makes a fantastic boss fight is tricky to pinpoint. Some, like Bowser, have rarely been difficult. His character design goes a long way to making him memorable, but it has to be said the fights with him vary hugely in quality. Others benefit from sheer sense of scale. Anything from God of War or Shadow of the Colossus springs to mind. Lastly there’s the teeth-grindingly difficult fights to the death. The boss fights that take dozens and dozens of attempts to master, before finally overcoming them in an epic showdown.

So what are your favourite boss fights of all time? Do you prefer them to be an insanely difficult challenge, or is it more about the spectacle on offer? Let us know!