Ubisoft has a fresh behind the scenes trailer for Watch Dogs 2, delving into the back story behind new protagonist Marcus Holloway, along with his fellow hackers who he’s teaming up with in an effort to bring down CTOS in San Francisco.

Marcus is pretty miffed that he’s been pigeonholed and targeted by the all-seeing, all-knowing surveillance system. Moving from Oakland down to down San Francisco, he meets The Wrench, Sitara and Josh, who together form a DedSec uprising.

As a protagonist Marcus is undoubtedly more politically motivated than Aiden Pearce, whose sole driving force was revenge throughout the original Watch Dogs, no matter who or what stood in his way. RIP the hundreds of civilians I ran over. Instead, Marcus is more interested in bringing CTOS itself crashing down to its knees.

Watch Dogs 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 15th.