I’m not going to lie to you, the last few weeks have been hot. Uncomfortably so, even. The prospect of playing games made all the more difficult by a heady haze, sweaty hell, and the sneaking suspicion that perhaps everyone outside is having more fun. It turns out they’re usually not. Mostly they’re heads down, grumbling about more Rattatas.

And so we must brave the heat indoors, like the lionhearted folks we are, and get down to some gaming. July has been eerily quiet for new releases so I doubt many have much going on that front, but it’s the perfect time to catch up on all the games we missed before No Man’s Sky kicks off a packed back half of the year.

Jon: It’s my birthday weekend (Expect fireworks and lots of em -Shaheryar) so that probably writes off one day. With the other I’ll sadly probably be wandering around playing Pokemon GO. By this stage I’m unsure why I’m even doing it, but the numbers are going up, the Pokemon are coming in, and the dopamine fix is real.

Elsewhere I’m finishing up Tearaway Unfolded on PS4, while contemplating which big, meaty game to sink my teeth into next. Pillars of Eternity has been calling out to me so that could be it, but I’m also tempted by Divinity: Original Sin. Knowing me I’ll just boot up Rainbow Six Siege and get lost for hours though.

Shaheryar: While people go through PC Games, I am gonna be lazy and play a bit on my Nexus 5. And no, I am not going after any Charmandars in Pokemon GO. After starting the weekend off by losing (or maybe gaining) some trophies in Clash of Clans, I’ll be escaping the Selknam Prison in Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles or scanning classified documents in The Blacklist Conspiracy.

Elsewhere, I just discovered that a friend of mine is the Number#1 Assault Player in COD:4, I am just playing with barbarians.

Felix: I will be looking to try my hand at the alpha of We Happy Few to see if they have a good game in the making. It looks like the love child of Bioshock and A Clockwork Orange. Could be good? Other than that I will try and find time to play the new Total War Warhammer DLC, Call of the Beastmen. So I can see if the money spent for a single new faction in Total Warhammer is justified. I am hoping it is.

Oh and Happy Birthday Jon. May the universe shine wonders of brilliance down upon your gaming head and illuminate it as a beacon for the rest of our Game-Debate legions to follow and bask in.

Ud0o: After what is expected to be a rather heavy night this saturday the all day gaming sesh will begin the following morning. As usual, it will likely proceed in regular fashion with abit of Rust for a few hours running around aimlessly killing fresh spawns and building stone mansions until my heart's content. Then I’ll likely tear through a few...hundred games on Rocket League. If I'm not completely exhausted from that I’ll whip out the 3DS and play Pokemon Omega Ruby and show these GO scrubs how to really play.

And now it's over to you, GD'ers, what are your gaming plans this fine weekend? Let us know!