If you’ve got a semi-decent gaming rig or an Xbox One, Rainbow Six Siege is available to play for the entirety of this (double experience) weekend. It actually kicked off yesterday, July 28th at 1PM EDT, but you’ve still got until 1PM on Monday, August 1st to cram as much playing in as you can.

If you do fancy picking it up after giving it a go, Rainbow Six Siege’s Season Three of multiplayer kicks off on the following Tuesday, August 2nd. This resets the ranked stats so everyone’s heading back in on a level playing field, making for a good entry point.

It’s joined by a new BattleEye client-side anti-cheating system to stamp out those pesky spoilsports, as well as improved Kill Cam, dynamic clipping and word, all designed to “improve the long-term health of Rainbow Six Siege”.

I’m not kidding when I say this is the best multiplayer shooter I’ve played in years, so if you’ve got some buddies who are also willing to give it a try you can download R6: Siege right now through the Uplay client. You can read the full review here.