Cult Fave Wii Action-RTS Little King's Story Heading To PC This Week In Remastered Form

Written by Neil Soutter on Mon, Aug 1, 2016 10:00 AM
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Here’s a little blast from the past - cult favourite Wii game Little King’s Story is heading to PC this week in remastered form. Originally released back in 2009 for Nintendo’s bestselling console, Little King’s Story is best described as an action-RTS with light role-playing mechanics. It was rather beloved on Wii, but now the rest of us have a chance of giving it a go in crisp 1080p.

If you’ve ever played Pikmin there’s a lot of its DNA in Little King’s Story. You start out as the new king of a tiny kingdom, with just a few subjects living in your village. You can gather them up and take them out, using them to complete quests, carry objects back to your castle, kill enemies and more. Gather enough resources and you can construct new buildings in your town. These can do everything from increasing your settlement population to converting your populace into archers, warriors, or builders. The more you build and the larger your population gets, the more you can explore the realms around your castle. It’s an inherently satisfying gameplay loop, so it’s little surprise that Little King’s Story picked up its fair share of fans along the way.

It was remade for PS Vita a few years back. It went all anime then and was a little bit terrible, but what we’re getting here is a remastered version of the Wii original.

Anyway, you can see what I mean in the PC trailer below.

Little King’s Story is out on August 5th, which is surprisingly soon. Head over to its game page to check out the official system requirements and see how the strategy/RPG hybrid will run on your system.

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admin approved badge
10:26 Aug-01-2016

It's to...cute for my taste so I'm probably not gonna play it. I do enjoy however to see a Wii exlcusive game come to PC, maybe will see more in the future(even from Wii U). Here's hoping! :)

admin approved badge
17:41 Aug-01-2016

Same here. Gotta love them exclusives.

Coming to PC :)


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