Over the weekend I had a sudden realisation - I was sick of how Steam looked. Valve’s PC gaming client has had much the same look for years now, although fortunately we’ve come a long way from that torrid olive green monstrosity it once was. I feel like it had stagnated for me visually. It was time for a change. Which led me to the weird and wonderful world of customising my Steam experience.

As far as PC gaming goes, having the ability to customise just about anything is a real plus point. We can build custom cases. Choose our operating systems. Pick and choose controllers. Mod our games. And customise our applications to our heart’s content also. Have a look around and you’ll find hundreds, thousands, of different Steam skins out there with which to freshen up your user experience.

After trying quite a few I ended up with one of the more popular ones - Air. Steam Air is a combination of white and pastel blue, which is just about as far removed as the base blacks, blues and whites of the normal Steam client. Suddenly Steam looked awesome again.

That’s customisation using external sources, but there’s also plenty of tweaks which can be made inside. Everything from how view your library to how it’s laid out can radically alter how you’re using Steam, and considering most of us have hundreds of games by this stage, keeping the whole lot in check is a big deal.

So how do you keep your Steam library organised? Are you using any custom skins? Share the details below and grab some screenshots if you can!