Earlier this week I spotted quite a conversation going on in GD about acceptable frame rates, and indeed whether it was even possible to play a game at 5 frames per second. Which got me thinking about frame rates and how they differ from person to person.

We all have our own set of standards, and too often PC gaming is just pigeonholed as the ‘PC Master Race’ rubbish which is all about extreme performance and frame rates in the hundreds.

Despite talking the loudest though, these are the minority in PC gaming. Here on GD we have hundreds of thousands of members with a huge spread of systems with varying gaming performance, from creaking old laptops perfect for a Super Meat Boy session to hand-built, custom tuned machines designed for maximum value for money.

As such, we all have different targets when it comes to frame rates. Some of us are never happy unless we’re rocking 144Hz, others go down the middle with a solid 60, while some are perfectly happy with 30 or even lower.

So where on the spectrum do you lie? What’s the minimum frame rate you can deal with before you stop playing or consider an upgrade? Do you drop the resolution below your monitor’s native res in order to gain an extra few frames? Let us know!

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