Just when you thought you'd had enough of Grand Theft Auto V, a modder has brought the famous Ghost Rider Marvel superhero into the game, bringing another era of destruction into Los Santos. In case you were wondering, it is indeed possible slash people into ashes.

In case you've been living under a rock / tied up in Trevor's basement, GTA: V is Rockstar's most popular title to date, shifting around 65 Million copies worldwide. That's one hell of a figure and if you're considering reigniting your GTA:V craze this weekend, then you may want to take a gander at this new mod.

It's been developed by JulioNIB and not only allows players to control Ghost Rider in the city but also perform a great variety of special abilites, including throwing fireballs or performing chain attacks which can burn alive a mere mortal. Here are the full set of abilities:

  • Fireball: Hold to increase power, can be used in vehicles too
  • Flamethrower: Can be used in vehicles too
  • Special damage for shotguns
  • Flaming bullets for all guns (except launchers and melee)
  • Chain attacks:
  • Ground smash
  • Grab and launch
  • Grab and burn
  • Chain grab and thrown at target: Press Aim to grab a target, press Attack to thrown the grabbed entity
  • Penance stare
  • Simple soul burn
  • Grab by neck and burn
  • Grab and slash the victim into ashes
  • Speed kills: Bike at high speed will cause damage (fire explosion) to entities around
  • Wall ride with vehicles
  • Water ride with vehicles
  • Transform any vehicle that Ghost Rider enters
  • Flames on head and vehicle wheels
  • Turbo for vehicles
  • Extra breaking force
  • Fire effect in damaged bones
  • Small explosion when vehicle hit ground

For those interested in trying it out, first install ScriptHookVDotNet and then download this mod from here. Are you ready to play the weekend away with this mod? Any other interesting GTA 5 mods you've spotted recently? Let us know!