Calling all strategy fans - Blizzard is reportedly going to announce StarCraft HD this September, a total remake of its legendary real-time strategy game.

According to Kor3ea’s iNews24 newspaper, “Today, multiple sources with knowledge of Blizzard internal plans said that Blizzard will reveal StarCraft HD to the public this September. The StarCraft HD remastered version will retain the original gameplay and is said to have improved graphics resolution and user interface (UI).”

A little while back you may remember Blizzard was hiring developers to work on its older games, and this reveal could very well be tied to that.

The original StarCraft is still one of the most popular RTS games in eSports, although it would be fair to say its showing its age now. Those dated visuals don’t make for the most visually engaging experience, so it could be a huge boost to its popularity should it be given an HD spit and polish.

What do you think then, could an HD remaster we enough to tempt you back into StarCraft?