Io Interactive’s episodic Hitman game is staying on track with its monthly schedule with the announcement of a Thai jaunt for the bald-headed assassin. Agent 47 is heading to Bangkok on August 16th, tasked with killing Jordon Cross, infamous lead singer of ‘The Class’.

“Bangkok is the exotic setting for the next episode in our HITMAN season,” said Hannes Seifert, studio head at Io-Interactive. “We’ve gone a bit rock and roll with this one as your targets are the lead singer of the band The Class and his family lawyer – so expect musical instruments to be used for some unusual activity.”

The level itself is set in and around a giant luxury hotel, The entire interior will be explorable, while it’s also home to large pavilions and exotic gardens. From the looks of things the Bangkok level looks to be about on par with the Paris mission in terms of scale, so a little more restraining than Marrakech and Sapienza.

It’s available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One from August 16th.